Browser Add-on UPDATE: kaspersky protection (extension) is now -almost- working with new Edge


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Nov 8, 2016

I noticed that Kaspersky is partially working with the new Edge now. The extension is still "grey" but its functionalities are now working with Edge, even you didn't install the extension. I noticed that kaspersky started to:

--> block banners even if you didn't installed the extension (you can check it by visiting some sites and checking the full log report of the anti-banner activities. You'll see that if blocked contents in the pages you visited.)
--> show safe and unsafe results in google web search

--> maybe private browsing is working too, but i wasn't able to check it.

edit: if you are receiving advices to disable your adblock while browsing with Edge, even after disabling Adblocks, you should check kaspersky as it should be the responsible.


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Apr 28, 2015
As I already posted in a different thread of this forum some weeks ago, the upcoming K2021 is fully compatible with new Edge, and the lasts betas and now the current RC work fine with it:

Probably the full support to K2019 and K2020 will come later via a patch...