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I've Windows 10 Pro (RTM 10240.16430) and I can't update my wifi adapter (TL-WN8200ND) with the last driver because the installer says me that the actual drive is the best installed. How I can force the installation of the new one?
The installed is Realtek 1027.4.1120.2014 and I wish to install the TP-LINK USB Adapter Realtek Wireless Driver 1030.0.515.2015 that I downloaded from (
Thanks in advance.

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Just a guess here...

If you downloaded the driver from windows updates website...then check settings - system - apps & features - here on the top you will see manage optional manage optional features - click add (internet connections is required) - here it will show optional updates available for your any & you will see install tab. Check if your driver is available there.