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Mar 5, 2019
Hello guys. I have Dell Inspiron 15 3576. It have 4GB RAM and Intel integrated graphics 620. Processor is i5 8th gen. I have moved to college now so I was thinking about upgrading laptop a little bit. So which RAM 2400MHZ sodimm and Graphics card will be good for common use of everything like office, gaming etc?

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Sep 26, 2017
One of the drawbacks of having a laptop, is the fact you can't exactly upgrade it the same way you do with desktops.

You would need a eGPU Box in the first place, just to get a new GPU (powersupply as well).

RAM should be easy to upgrade however, you cannot automatically install 2400MHz RAM into a laptop though, you need to make sure the MOBO supports those speeds in the first place (otherwise they're just going to get lower clocks, and would be a waste of money).

I personally believe the cost is simply not worth it.


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May 3, 2015
I've been using notebooks exclusively for over 10 years. You can't expect to upgrade anything but memory and storage in one of those with a rare few exceptions as some gaming notebooks actually allow graphics and cpu upgrades but expect to pay a lot for one of those.

In other words it's simpler to just buy a new one. Make sure it has at least a Geforce MX 110 if you want to play. Do not expect high performance in modern AAA titles unless you wish to spend a few thousand dollar on a top gaming notebook.
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Aug 30, 2012
Use HWInfo tool to see the exact model of your RAM stick and try to find exactly the same model if you want to upgrade. I think there's no need to go above 8GB of RAM in total as, with those specs, you probably would not need more.

Upgrading GPU on laptop is possible but not recommended and it simply doesn't pay off for all complications that may surface.


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Sep 13, 2018
I've used the Crucial scanner before for RAM upgrades, it's very good and accurate. You can note the specs and buy whatever brand you want. RAM and drive would be worth upgrading, esp. if you have integrated graphics.