US Huawei Supplier Resumes Some Shipments


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Jul 27, 2015
US chipmaker Micron has restarted some shipments to Huawei despite a ban on selling products to the Chinese firm.

The US banned companies from selling components and technology to Huawei and 68 affiliates on 15 May. But boss Sanjay Mehrotra said Micron had found it could lawfully "resume shipping a subset of current products". Intel and other market leaders have also reportedly restarted selling some products to the world's biggest telecoms equipment manufacturer. Micron, Intel and other industry leaders had managed to partly circumvent the ban by avoiding labelling goods as American-made, the New York Times reported on Tuesday. The sanctions apply to goods that contain 25% or more components or materials that come from the US. But goods made outside the US by American companies may not be considered US-made, according to the New York Times. Despite resuming shipments, however, Mr Mehrotra sounded a note of caution on a conference call with investors on Tuesday. "There is considerable ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Huawei situation and we are unable to predict the volumes or time periods over which we will be able to ship products to Huawei," he said.