US Wants to Make Social Media Data Collection Mandatory for All Visa Applicants


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Jan 8, 2017
The United States Department of State wants to make it mandatory for all foreigners to provide social media details when applying for a visa to enter the US.

US authorities want to modify three visa application forms. The changes made to the three forms would make it mandatory for all visa applicants —immigrant and non-immigrant— to provide all social media handles used in the last five years.

Diplomatic visas will be exempt from this new rule and some applicants might be asked to provide a list of emails and phone numbers used in the past five years, for additional vetting purposes.

The Department of State has not detailed the list of social media platforms for which it intends to collect account names but said the forms would include an optional section where applicants can enter usernames for online platforms not included in the main list.

Nearly 15 million visa applicants affected
The State Department is seeking Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval to modify three US visa forms —DS-156, DS-160, and DS-260.

These are visa forms that immigrant and non-immigrant visa applicants must fill in and submit before being allowed to enter the US. US officials estimate 710,000 immigrant seekers and 14 million non-immigrant visa applicants will be affected.

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They could just hack Facebook for the info :cool:

Anyway this will be a bit like... "I do not have an account" = no data no VISA :ROFLMAO:

They could just ask Facebook for all info. :cool: