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Anyone tried TeraCopy? This program is great because it integrates with Windows. Any time I want to copy a file or files to another location, when I select paste, I get a pop up like this:


So then I can choose Explorer or TeraCopy for the transfer.

Why is this great? For me, it means I can use it with Secure Folders to move files to backup drives that I have protected with SF. I just make an exclusion for TeraCopy and then I don't have to expose the secure environment by leaving Explorer.exe open to make the copy/overwrite/delete. Then I just add the backup program to the SF exclusions to write backups and a couple of security programs and Eraser, and now I can do anything with those drives I would like. Don't have to turn off SF protection to the drive(s).

TeraCopy is pretty fast. Don't know if it's the fastest out there. Reviews say not, but the integration makes it work for me with Secure Folders. Recommend Secure Folders, but I haven't been able to find a download site for the program. I saw a link in a thread a good while ago, but I don't recall the thread. Should be possible to track it down, and it's the best way to protect backups that I have seen so far.
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