PC Specs user102 Gaming PC 2015( I build myself)

Installed OS
Windows 8.1
CPU (Processor)
RAM (Memory)
GPU (Graphics)
ASUS Strix GTX 970
ASUS Maximus VII Hero
Samsung 850 SSD 250GB + WesterDigital 2TB HDD + Seagate 1TB HDD


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Sep 12, 2015
For its price tag, I would have gone for an Origin Desktop :) You would have gotten a bit more on hardware for same price and Origin is well known in the gaming systems marked, along with MSI and ASUS ROG, overtaking the now "shadowed" Alienware which is constantly plagued with overheating issues and so on.

Build yourself > Prebuild that is the rule of saving money when is come to build a gaming PC. If you can find one prebuild that can match this build under or equal my price than i will appreciate if you can show me.


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Apr 25, 2015
I know it does have 4GB VRAM, but i just want to point out your " 3.5GB of VRAM" on GTX 970 that a lot people says that GTX 970 is 3.5GB VRAM not 4GB VRAM. The answer to that is NVIDIA split 4GB VRAM were 3.5GB VRAM is standard speed and 500MB VRAM is the slowest speed. What this basically mean is once your VRAM usage exceed 3.5GB VRAM , you will feels FPS performance hit.However, the card does have 4GB VRAM, and the 96MB is consider nothing for PC gamer.
Honestly im going to start going amd for gpus just because of how dirty nvidia are they constantly lie to us from the gtx 970 to the "we are dx12 ready" No they aren't dx12 ready and still aren't. They take all of amds open source projects and use it to get better fps in amd powered games then when amd wants to improve fps on nvidia powered games they get NOTHING


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Jan 25, 2016
If the price is stand for quality, that means I just bought a PC weaker than your 5 times. Everything is more expensive about 30% although I've chosen the cheapest possible. :( feel sad