Level 24
UserBenchmark will identify the model of your CPU, Graphics card, Storage drives, memory modules (RAM) and rank them according to their performance in the benchmark tests, and how they fared against other computers. The "Take a copy of your results" option can be used to save the score in Markup text, forum-ready format or a reddit-friendly format.

It's very lightweight but need internet access.
Maybe for some users a nice tool for troubleshooting.


Level 21
Yes, I've used this on occasion. You have to take care that your system is truly idle with minimal cpu usage, otherwise the results aren't strictly valid. Luckily, there's a high cpu use indicator on the interface.

There was some flak toward UserBenchmark almost a year ago, which is still ongoing, and that is/was its apparent bias toward Intel cpus and its scores weighted favorably toward Intel. Without directly acknowledging this, UB did re-do its algorithms toward this end. But I don't have as much trust in the final result as I do with other benchmarking software.

I prefer Passmark for informal benchmarking and Cinebench for cpu specifically. It's kind of a bummer to see yourself slide toward a lower rung via UserBenchmark, too bad they have this kind of rating system. At least my poor machine is not yet at the Surfboard level. At that point, I suppose I'll take a hammer to my piggy bank and see what's out there.