Users can now rate and review Apple's first-party apps in the App Store


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Aug 17, 2014
In context: For years, iPhone users have had to live with unremovable native iPhone apps. In 2015, Tim Cook explained the reason for that was that some of the pre-installed software on the iPhone and iPad was interconnected and that removing them could cause problems elsewhere in iOS. He mentioned that that could change in the future, and it did with iOS 14 last year.

As of last September 2020, you can delete built-in apps and re-install them later from the App Store. However, Apple's native software listings differed from those of other developers, as Cupertino disabled the store's ratings and reviews on its first-party apps.

Now with building pressure from lawsuits, regulators, and lawmakers over anticompetitive behavior in the App Store, Apple has quietly enabled reviews and ratings for its built-in apps. 9to5Mac first noticed the change on Wednesday, saying that reviews were already piling up—many negative.


One of the best rated Apple apps is Find My.​
It's worth mentioning that rating and review system for native apps is only available in iOS 15. TechSpot has confirmed that updating from 14 to 15 enables the feature if you do not see it in the App Store.