Q&A Using the filters for spam emails

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Apr 5, 2017
Specifically in Gmail. It does a good job of detecting them and sends them to my spam but i don't even want them in my spam folder. :mad:

I have tried using the filters with certain key words that are included in the emails but they still get through. Can anyone help me to obliterate them completely. Is it because they come from a different sender each time ? I assumed that it would block them all from any sender that sent me one containing the keywords i entered because they are usually for the same crap like Rayban/Oakley etc.


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May 13, 2017
The best option would be whitelisting, like bluebottle had. Only allowed senders. Receive emails to one gmail and then forward it another one with whitelisting only. Time to time, check the first one for any legitimate emails being blocked. It might take a while, but once you get it, it is perfect.

The other option would be to forward it through several emails with good filters. Like gmail -> live -> gmx -> yandex -> zohoo -> gmail.
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