various problems: 24x7 help/utililab adwares, usb disks problems, and crash on applications

Mar 2, 2017
Hi all,

i'm on Windows 10, system x64 bits,

and my three multibootables "sardu" usb drives includes clevx foldit,
two windows2go win 8.1 portables usb drives made with wintobootic,
and my zalman ve350 all plugged on my actual pc,
and black sandisk connect wireless 128 gb stick drive also plugged on this pc,

i pre-installed by wintobootic win 8.1 on samsung fit 128 gb and sandisk reversible micro usb/usb 64 gb drives, but if i boot on this impossible to configure and install win 8.1 because of infinite loop on black screen with windows logo,

and for my three "sardu" multibootables whichs are the customusb foldit 16 gb drive, emtech mobile&go reversible micro usb/usb 64 gb drive and sandisk reversible usb/micro usb 16 gb drive, i have boot error on yumi/sardu boot on theses three drives,

and on my zalman ve350 900 Gb hdd, i have on his root the "_iso folders" actually contains between 13 and 30 iso files and the zalman in dual mode (hdd + iso virtual cd), but the lcd display on the top of zalman drive displays "no iso files" words

and my black sandisk connect wireless 128 gb stick drive have enough free space, but when on "sandisk connect" android app i upload on this sandisk 128 Gb drive a 1 kb or 10 mb file, i have "not enough free space" on the error message of android app

letters attribued of theses drives with all theses weird bugs:

zalman are g disk (virtual iso cd) and h drive (hdd)

emtech reversible micro usb/usb sardu/yumi/xboot with boot error are J drive

wintobootic devices are K & Q drives

black 128 gb sandisk connect wireless stick are L drive
sandisk reversible micro usb/usb sardu yumi multiboot with boot error is P drive
and the sardu multibootable clevx fold-it by customusb drive is T disk

and i'm infected on same pc with "smart systemcare" & "24x7 help" rogues

Mar 2, 2017
i have not actually refreshed/resetted to factory settings my pc since 14 months, between december 30 th 2015, and january 2th, 2016,

yesterday i ran mbam, adwcleaner, and zhpcleaner and jrt,

few minutes later in 11:25 PM yesterday, i have accidentally retrograded my win 10 pro to windows 10 home, but my apps i have actually since one year, not uninstalled,

my drives letters/letters attribued on my devices (externals disks, usb) are changed of place:
zalman hdd are E drive and his virtuel cd/dvd iso are F drive
fold-it are K drive
sandisk 128 gb wireless stick are M drive
wintobootic is J & T drives
others multibbotables sardu/yumi with boot error is N & S drives

also i have comodo internet security complete + ad-aware in second line of defense because comodo installed,
and now attached my mbam/adwcleaner/roguekiller/usbfix/jrt/zhpcleaner/frst rapports:

ubbfix is too large to attach, i decide to post on
Up2Share - UsbFix_Report

my two others real pc, the win 7 laptop acer and my archos pc stick on my tv, are both infected with malwares, and also i have other problem:

on my archos pc stick, i have only 50 mo of free space on my internal 30 Gb drive, the space of archos pc stick becomes actually satured

i post also on up2share/ for my two others pc on this reply:
Up2Share - mbam
Up2Share - AdwCleaner[C2]
Up2Share - JRT
Up2Share - ZHPCleaner
Up2Share - ZHPDiag
Up2Share - UsbFix_Report
Up2Share - mbam
Up2Share - AdwCleaner[C0]
Up2Share - ZHPCleaner
Up2Share - JRT
Up2Share - ZHPCleaner



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