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    Level 17
    Hello @Vasudev
    Your config look good but i give you little tips to make it better :)
    • Change MSE to another AV(Example Qihoo,Panda Free,Avira Free)
    • Install more on-demand scanners like a Zemana,EKK
    • Install PrivaZer
    • If u want test samples i recommend use Sandboxie or Virtual Machine
    • Change AdBlock to uBlock
    • Install Https everywhere
    Thanks for share your config.
    Sayonara ;)


    Level 29
    Thanks @FireShootSK.
    Is ublock available for firefox on linux? 'cause I didn't see it.
    I was using Vipre AV & changed to MSE to prevent KPP of AV protection drivers & filters.
    Forgot to mention about PrivaZer.
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    Level 37
    Hello @Vasudev. Your configuration for 3 PCs provides a wealth of protections, and I particularly liked seeing you've SelfDestructingCookies in place for privacy. Tonight I've begun using CCleaner prior to all my browsing sessions rather than afterward. This was inspired by linux's bleachbit, and it's optional running at start-up which reduces tracking. Another simple yet effective method to further secure privacy, if you haven't already done this, is setting Firefox to 'Never remember history'.
    If you're happy using MSE, do consider the practical advice @FireShootSK mentioned by utilizing a sandbox,
    ..which (imho) is among the foremost methods of protecting your system.

    We've followed @frogboy's tip to you, and use Shadow Defender for 2 of our 3 computers!;)
    Although we prefer Sandboxie's & Shadow Defender's protections, for our revived Dell desktop with linux lubuntu, we've chosen a free sandboxing alternative called "Time Freeze" to shield Windows XP's unpatched holes that could cause it to sink!:p
    The use of safe habits shall continue to be the better protection than the best apps & extensions.
    Thanks for sharing with us, and allowing us to share with you!:D
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    Level 61
    You may add backup browser like Chrome or Opera in case of any problems to Firefox with this capable extensions as possible only: Adguard and HTTPS Everywhere

    Another alternative suggestion is to install Virtualbox in Linux as for safety process which you can test samples without worries.

    It can be same in Windows just make sure don't mess any settings on network to avoid possible viruses jump to windows host system.

    DJ Panda

    Level 29
    You should add Zemana Anti-Malware as another scanner. Also I recommend that you add Malwarebytes Ant-Exploit Free for added protection. :)