Seems odd vbs scripts would like to run upon logging in. Very odd :p This is abnormal behavior right? Because I've de registered vbs files and extensions yet they still want to run.

ForgottenSeer 86663

"De-registering vbs files and extenstions," as you put it, does not block their attempted launch in and of itself. If there is a login vbs script, it is still going to attempt to run. Without digging into your system nobody can tell you what and why a vbs script is attempting to run.

In fact, what you did ("de-registering") is the reason that the Windows file association prompt is appearing.

Hard Configurator uses a NirSoft utility that extracts ETL and displays them for you. In the block event log you might find more details of what is attempting to launch. Hard Configurator also ships with an autoruns inspection so you can inspect all the script autoruns on your system. You need to figure that stuff out for yourself.

It could be c:\windows\system32\gathernetworkinfo.vbs. It could be something else. It could be a lot of things.
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