Level 35
"Verizon is parting ways with 10,400 employees in "a voluntary separation program," despite the Trump administration providing a tax cut and various deregulatory changes that were supposed to increase investment in jobs and broadband networks. The cuts represent nearly seven percent of Verizon's workforce and were announced along with a $4.6 billion charge related to struggles in Verizon's Yahoo/AOL business division. ...

... Verizon this week said its new job cuts coincide with the creation of a "realigned organization structure designed to optimize growth opportunities in the 5G era."
The Federal Communications Commission repealed net neutrality rules this year in order to boost broadband network investment. It also eliminated $2 billion worth of wireless permit fees charged by municipal governments in order to boost 5G deployment. Despite that, Verizon recently acknowledged that it won't be speeding up its 5G buildout and is lowering its overall capital expenditures."

Welcome to the post-Net Neutrality world! All the usual suspects feeding at the trough, compliments of U.S. workers and taxpayers!


Level 9
Oh come on. The reason is hinted at in the title already, the rest is yackity-yack. Verizon paid 4.8 billion for Yahoo--did it get its money's worth? Nah. Its flagship building in lower Manhattan just underwent some major, major overhauls, some of the most expensive real estate in the world. This is not a sudden shock, it's been hush-hush for the longest. Verizon and its employees have been at odds for years. Actually saw some Verizon strikes up close and personal. Ugly, very.


Level 20
I really like my Verizon FIOS (TV, phone, internet). I think it's the best product of its type.. along with Google Fiber. It's just very unlikely that one will live in an area served by one or the other.

There have been warning signs.... I hope FIOS will continue.