Recent changes
Aug 3, 2020
Device priority
Primary device
Operating system
account
Sign in with Microsoft ID
Log-in security
    • Windows Hello PIN
Account permissions
Administrator account
Security updates
Manually check for updates
Windows UAC
Disabled - Never notify
Malware samples
No - Malware samples are not purposely downloaded
Real-time Malware protection
Fsecure home with windows firewall
Firewall protection
Microsoft Defender Firewall
RTP configuration
Periodic scanners
Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro
VPN and Privacy
Open dns as my dns server.
Browser(s) and Add-ons
Google Chrome with Ublock adblocker
Maintenance tools
Smart Defrag as my disk defragmentation software. All other maintenances are handled by myself without using any other programs.
Photos and Files backup
Google Drive, Icloud
File backup schedule
No photo or file backups
Backup and rollback
Backup schedule
Activity usage
  1. Computer games
  2. Generic web browsing
  3. Downloading and installing new software(s)
  4. Streaming audio and video content from the Internet
  5. Downloading files from unfamiliar sites
Computer hardware
I built my own pc so my device brand is Gigabyte I guess since that is my motherboard and my motherboard is the Z390 Arous Master.
I9 9900k 3.6ghz 8 core cpu overclocked to 4.7ghz
MSI Gaming GTX 1080 Gpu
Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C case
Seasonic 1000W Prime Ultra Platnum Power Supply
Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000 32gb ram
3 SSDS: Samsung 970 Pro 512gb NVME as my boot drive, 500gb Samsung QVO ssd as my game drive, and 500gb Samsung QVO ssd as my other game drive.
Asus DVD Burner
NZXT x63 280mm AIO with push/pull configuration using 4 140mm Be Quiet Silent Wing Fans
2 120mm and 1 140mm Case fans are also Be Quiet Silent Wing fans.

Vitali Ortzi

Level 20

Also a GTX 1080 (blower card) here, still works and benchmarks very well for being almost 4 years old.

Personally, I skipped the NVIDIA 2xxx series without any regrets but will be taking a very good look at the 3xxx Ampere series!
Ampere would crash it !
Nice idea try to sell it as soon as possible if possible in order to save up for Ampere.


Level 1
Some remarks : never I repeat NEVER only rely on cloudbackup, its like playing russian roulette when Servers get hit nu a ransom attack, your data is lost! Backup your data on a physical external drive! Using macrium reflect free!

Ditch everything Chrome related and replace with Firefox and tweak ff with the guidelines.

Never sign in with a Microsoft account : data harvesting , telemetry.


Level 27
Ditch everything Chrome related and replace with Firefox
Disagree. Firefox has weak security, malicious ways for telemetry and only care about money

tweak ff with the guidelines.
This makes your browser unique and only worse when using their misleading guide.

Never sign in with a Microsoft account : data harvesting , telemetry.
Disagree again. Using online Microsoft Account for Windows provide best security, backup settings (sync) and more.
Also you have full control about your data and privacy
Also you need to learn what telemetry is. It's not about spying user's


Level 32
I know, but I find the UAC app annoying and I mostly use my pc to game on Steam and such so the Steam games should not be asking for administrator privileges.

Take a look and read it