Mahesh Sudula

Level 16
Malware Tester
Vipre even got rid off ATC..Bitdefender behaviour blocker, due to some finanicial issues.

This company is now under J2 Global. Vipre seems to have a tough time as of now.


Level 10
Do they update the software after the main version is released ? Where is the latest release notes ? Are there any update issues ?


Level 24
google translate.
VIPRE is a company located in the United States.
The publisher offers a very effective solution with 2 engines: their technology and Bitdefender.
The solution is very light, ready to use at the installation and of course, configurable at will!
In terms of detection, VIPRE makes a machine clean!
Some adware is present but easily deleted.
Congratulations to the editor, antivirus very recommendable!