VIPRE Antivirus 2015 - New User Interface!

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    Thanks for the Heads-up.
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    Thanks for the share! :)

    Look, another one using the Windows Filtering Platform.

    VIPRE Internet Security WFP Firewall ALPHA
    We have updated to a new type of firewall driver to incorporate new features and functionality. Besides adding IPv6 support, there are some added bonuses. New WFP driver will not require a reboot when performing upgrades. We will also be able to identify individual services that are hosted by svchost (in other words, you can create more granular rules), as well as Windows 8 ModernUI applications based rules. We decided to put these drivers in the current version (VIPRE Internet Security 2014) so you are not learning new interaction patterns while testing. For those who currently use the firewall heavily, we prefer that you try this Alpha to help uncover any environmental issues or bugs that we didn’t find while developing and testing.​
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    Just checked...yes it is thanks! give it a try.....

    Screenshot in Spoiler VIPRE Antivirus New UI ALPHA added, on test still have buggy, little bit than VIPRE Internet Security WFP Firewall ALPHA.
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    UI similar to Ad-Aware
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    just..posting about UI's at their beta forum...does anyone to test VIPRE Business 7.0 Beta 1???
    btw have a nice you all...
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    ThreatTrack Security is proud to announce the Beta 2 release of VIPRE Antivirus 2015 and VIPRE Internet Security 2015!

    The version numbers for this Beta include: for VIPRE Antivirus 2015 for VIPRE Internet Security 2015

    New features:

    • New Threat Engine to improve our detections and remediations.

    • Redesigned management screens

    • New Notification Styles

    • New Firewall Drivers (Internet Security edition only)
    Bugs found in BETA 1 that are fixed in BETA 2:

    1. Advanced Learning doesn’t do anything until reset to default is pressed
    2. Firewall notifications stating connections are coming from a computer on a different network.
    3. Allowing apps through firewall history doesn’t always update the rules list properly
    4. Firewall History stopped updating
    5. UI hanging after allowing app through firewall history
    6. Things look weird if you add an advanced port rule in the black theme
    7. On the Scan Results screen, changing the order in which the names are sorted has no difference.
    8. Scheduled scan hours not ordered properly
    9. Wrongly entered number is causing not completed error message
    10. Intrusion Detection Systems checkboxes not visible on the black theme
    11. Threat details is blank once moved to allowed and in the dark theme
    12. Quarantined item source shows as scanner even when detected by AP
    13. Battery Saver option won’t stay on
    14. Timeline labels right-click scans as custom scans
    15. Total risks detected are not accurate if UI is closed and reopened.
    16. Unexpected Behavior when adding proxy info to the newUI
    17. Battery Saver - button is changing from OFF to disabled ON, when user clicks on Restore Antivirus Defaults (PC)
    18. When scan menu expanded, it appears on top of every open window
    19. IDS notifications are showing as HIPS notifications.
    20. VIPRE RapidScan option doesn’t stay checked when you enable it in a scheduled scan
    21. Advanced port rules do not work and can break all firewall functionality
    22. Sorting not working as expected for Update History, Description column
    23. Icon stays selected after clicking out of the info box
    24. If there is only one item in Quarantine, the item is always selected and not clearly visible
    25. Quarantine table field borders shown after clicking the link
    26. Port ranges don’t work when creating advanced port rules.
    27. Entering already existing file types is possible
    28. The user can choose the same scan location more than once
    29. Scan results should be more user friendly
    30. “Completed” Scan on the Timeline is inaccurate
    31. The info for the wrong entered key on a black theme is not visible
    32. What is default for Automatic Updates, Daily or Every 30 minutes?
    33. Patch Updates table, is not user friendly when 0 updates available
    34. UI Crash when switching between port rules and comm rules history.
    35. History Cleaner gives no feedback when it runs
    36. Disabling a scheduled scan doesn’t work
    37. Scan results text is almost completely cut off on the MyVIPRE page
    38. The Firewall Rules tab says Metro but Microsoft doesn’t use that name
    39. Scan History does not show definition version.
    40. VIPRE does not accept PC Lifetime keys
    41. PC lIfetime Keys show expiration date
    42. Manage File Types Button font is the incorrect size
    43. Attached firewall config is causing UI to crash Scan history doesn’t say what action was taken on threats
    Please note that the documentation is being finalized and will be posted in the BETA portal once completed. From all of us at ThreatTrack Security, we appreciate your help in improving our products!
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    Screenshots ?
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    Who is Vipre AV compare to Kaspersky AV? (
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