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Level 22
Emails purporting to come from Virgin Media customer service department in relation to an alleged bill processing issue, seek to steal the credentials for accessing the service.

The messages are well-crafted, and in order to increase the rate of success, they include a variety of reasons that could have led to payment processing problems.

In the fake notification, the cybercriminals claim that logging into the My Virgin Media account and filling the fields with updated personal information would clear the issue.

The URL for the fake page is conveniently provided at the end of the message. However, checking the address should reveal the fraud attempt and carry the user off the fraudulent location.

Reasons provided in the fake email caught by Online Threat Alerts include recent change of name or address, expiration of the debit/credit card, insufficient funds, card issuer not authorizing the transaction or cancellation of direct debit agreement.

It is very likely that the Virgin Media customer receiving this message fits one of the scenarios, making the scam more efficient for the crooks.

By not following the instructions, the message claims that the services of the company would be terminated. A threat is often used in these emails to distract the potential victim and make them fail at spotting the signs of the deceit.
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