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Virus Scan API (VSAPI) Engine 11.0 Beta Testing
  • Solution ID:1120465
  • Last Updated:Jul. 15, 2018 10:03 PM (PST)
This coming July 30, 2018, Trend Micro will conduct a Trend Micro Virus Scan Engine Public Beta Testing for version 11.0.
Trend Micro Virus Scan Engine is a robust, industry-leading module that executes the file scanning and virus detection functions. Together with the virus pattern, it protects computers against known malware threats, including malicious programs written in Java™ and ActiveX™. In addition, Virus Scan Engine employs sophisticated algorithms to quickly identify unknown macro, script, boot, DOS, Windows, and polymorphic viruses.
Trend Micro is encouraging customers with Trend Micro Security products to test the upcoming Virus Scan Engine version.
What's New in this release?
  • Enlarged Machine Learning detection scope to support Office macro and Linux ELF
  • Support for offline Machine Learning scanning
  • Protection against fileless malware
Where do I sign up?
To join, visit Trend Micro Virus Scan API (VSAPI) Engine 11.0 Beta and complete the Pre-registration Survey.

What's in it for me?

  • The top beta tester who submits the most critical bug and got the most valuable feedback as verified by the developers will receive a GoPro Hero6.
  • A $30 Amazon gift certificate will be given to the first 5 Beta customers who have submitted a bug.
  • Beta testers who submit a completed Beta Script will be given a 1-year free license (for 3 seats) of Trend Micro Maximum Security 2019.
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