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So my computer got a virus from a game that I tried downloading. Avast! did a boot scan and got rid of it, but a day or two later, I got messages from Chrome that said I had a virus again, but of course those are usually scams. I did another scan, just to be safe, and Avast! found two items, got rid of them, and ran another boot scan, just to be safe.

Next day, I figured it had to be from Chrome because of the fact that I attempted to download the game from Chrome and was getting odd popups and such but IE wasn't doing that. So I deleted it. My friend suggested downloading Malwarebytes so I did that as well. It found two more Trojans and so did Avast! after a full system scan. Got rid of those as well and found they were gone afterwards.

I can't tell if my computer is infected again but earlier Malwarebytes apparently blocked a couple malicious websites, and since Avast! usually did that when the virus would come back, I ran another scan and found one thing, a YouTubeAdBlocker, I don't know if I wanted to get rid of that because an AdBlocker sounds like something I would want to keep and I heard that sometimes, Malwarebytes finds things that aren't really dangerous, but idk I am not an expert. I tried not to worry about it after that but I just want to be safe.

I am running two full system scans as we speak with Malwarebytes and Avast! to see if they will find anything that way since quick scans didn't find anything (except the AdBlocker again) and Avast! found something yesterday after a full system scan. I have also considered restoring my computer to February 4th, way before I got the virus. I don't know if that will actually do much and someone said that that could actually make the problem worse. They weren't an expert either though so idk.

I also removed Google Chrome and that seems to have helped a little but the effects of the virus have caused problems with my mouse as well (or at least I think it did) so that's another reason even if the virus never returns. Please help me with this. I don't want this virus to keep coming back. xC All help is appreciated, thank you.