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Apr 25, 2013

Almost two years ago, the Norwegian browser firm Opera ripped out the guts of its product and adopted the more standard WebKit and Chromium technologies, essentially making it more like rivals Chrome and Safari. But it wasn’t just Opera’s innards that changed; the browser also became more streamlined and perhaps less… geeky.

Many Opera fans were deeply displeased at the loss of what they saw as key differentiating functionality. So now Jon von Tetzchner, the man who founded Opera and who would probably never have allowed those drastic feature changes, is back to serve this hard core with a new browser called Vivaldi.

Old meets new
Vivaldi doesn’t mark a return to Opera’s old internals – it uses Chromium as a base and has a user interface that is itself unusually built using web technologies – but it does bring back features such as tab stacking, an advanced bookmark manager, keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to start with multiple session windows.

Opera used to be “more feature-rich, for a crowd of users that want more from their browser,” von Tetzchner told me:

After I quit [as CEO in 2010, then fully in 2011], Opera changed their philosophy. They made kind of a browser that’s more in line with most of the other browsers and doesn’t have a lot of features. The focus is in a way on making the browser disappear, and I think there’s a lot of people that want something different.

While these users could install Chrome with “30 extensions” to get all the functionality they want, von Tetzchner argued, now they can install Vivaldi and get everything in the main package.

Gigaom rendered on Vivaldi technical preview

Based on the quick play I’ve had with the first Vivaldi technical preview, publicly released on Tuesday, there’s more to it than just reviving the old Opera feel (though that’s a clear aim). For example, the HTML5-based UI allows the browser to rather neatly adopt the color scheme for the page being visited. The use of web technologies for the front end also makes it easier to launch cross-platform – the technical preview is available for Windows, OS X and Linux right from the start.

Future features
The “sister service” to the browser, the Vivaldi.net community suite, already launched quietly about a year back. This was in many ways a replacement for the old, ditched My Opera community, and it provides blogging and forum functionality.

“We believe it will be the natural playing ground for those that are using the browser, with a free mail service and a place you can put your photos,” von Tetzchner said, noting that the mail servers are based in Iceland. “It’s not really a commercial site; we haven’t spent a lot of time marketing it. But we will add more functionality and change it gradually.”

Von Tetzchner told me more new browser features will be revealed by the time Vivaldi reaches its first full version (WebRTC will likely be supported, for instance.) A mobile version is also in the works, though von Tetzchner wouldn’t say more on that subject than “We’re going for a browser that has more functionality than what you’re used to, but also has more different ways to do things – the principle of that will be the same on mobile as it is on desktop.”

The Vivaldi team numbers around 25, a “substantial part” of which is the technical team, and more than half of which are former Opera workers. Von Tetzchner is personally funding it all for now, but the browser’s business model will be the standard affiliate-deal affair.

Will Vivaldi be big? It’s hard to say – Opera itself hasn’t broke past a market share of a few percent for many years, apart from in the feature-phone market. But Vivaldi does seem to combine a fresh new look with an impressively old-school appeal to the power user, and it may well find its niche. Perhaps not everyone does want the browser to just disappear into the background after all.

The Vivaldi web browser has been released to the public as a technical preview. Vivaldi enters the browser industry with three guiding principles: continuous innovation, a strong focus on community and a respect for the unique needs of each person who uses the browser.


v. - Technical Preview


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Apr 25, 2013
How to create Portable version:
Unpack (7-zip) Vivaldi_TP_1.0.xx.xx.exe -> chrome.7z -> Chrome-bin
Rename, for example in Vivaldi
Create in folder \Chrome-binn file stp.viv
in it, you can specify the full path to the folder where your profile, for example:



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Apr 25, 2013
First Snapshot Vivaldi
It has been an interesting week. We have gotten so much feedback after our initial launch.
We have worked on fixing some of the worst issues in TP and want to invite you all for testing it :)

We are new to the game of offering public "snapshots" or "unstable" builds, so please bare with us while we hope to mature this process.
Our plan is to make a "snapshot" available once a week. These builds may contain regressions so it could be wise to back up your profile before upgrading. We also plan to replace the Technical Preview available on vivaldi.com with this build unless any severe regressions are found. So, please let us know if you find any critical issues.

You can report bugs through our bug tracking system here. https://vivaldi.com/bugreport.html

Since we are a small team, we are not able to reply to everyone, but we do spend a lot of time reading forums and we try to reply when we can.
We hope you will see many of the features you miss in our future updates.

We currently don’t have auto-update yet so you will have to download/install this update.

Linux Deb
Linux RPM
Here is the list of fixes contained in this week’s build.
Fixed a bad performance issue that made Vivaldi slow down on some systems
Added so CTRL+ENTER in urlfield prefills www and .com
Added tab-history to back and forward button, available via longclick (will be tuned more)
Added posibility to reopen closed windows
Fixed so Settings window would not hijack the session
Fixed some horrible shortcut bugs appearing in forms/iframes
Fixed a issue on Linux where everything appeared black

Changelog: Changelog:
*VB-2808 Vivaldi shows up black on Linux
*VB-2794 Delay autoexpand bookmark folders during drag n drop
*VB-2792 Del keybinding not working on Mac
*VB-2791 find in page does not search next on enter
*VB-2788 Keyboard shortcuts always firing within iframe.
*VB-2783 Coloring of the tab bar way too bright with green and yellow favicons
*VB-2770 Tab color flickers in a dark color on selection
*VB-2761 Broken media dialog and location dailog
*Navigate back to startpage shows incorrect url.
*VB-2759 Thumbnail for internal pages disappears after few seconds.
*VB-2738 Flash video does not show
*VB-2725 Regression: Leaving fullscreen mode with F11 fails
*VB-2722 Bookmark modal window appears in the wrong postion
*VB-2717 Keying up/down in bookmark tree is slow
*VB-2632 ontentsettings crashes
*VB-2597 xpand/Collapse all bookmarks menu item
*VB-2500 Speed dial page issue in fullscreen mode
*VB-2447 No task manager in Tools menu
*VB-2307 Session lost because of settings window
*VB-2288 Space should toggle expand/collapse state of folder
*VB-2256 Avoid closing all tabs accidentally in tab stack
*VB-2171 http not injected to urls in Notes
*VB-2157 scrolling bookmarks panel shakes
*VB-2130 Scrolling does not work with scrollbar in urldropdown
*VB-2006 elete bug in notes
*VB-2000 copy to note missing from context-menu when using norwegian language
*VB-1980 Add ability to resize Notes input area
*VB-1967 No screenshot generated in Notes when clicking the frame under 'New note'
*VB-1923 Cannot select multiple items in bookmarks
*VB-1906 Window with more than one tab is not saved to trash
*VB-1849 Tab resizing by mouse difficult
*VB-1539 Ctrl+Enter should implement (www. adress complete feature)
*VB-1490 Search in settings only find titles
*VB-761 Close button on tab shows up. Risk for inadvertent clicking.



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Apr 25, 2013

I have no intention to bore you with the weather, so we go str8 to the juicy details ;-)

In this snapshot we have made it possible to customize the search-field. You can either resize it by dragging the line or if you go to settings you can disable it.

We have also made a option to move the address-field to the bottom or disable it if you like.

We have also fixed many bugs, some of them more frequently reported by you like f.ex: VB-2767 Cookies not shared between tabs in all cases.

Known regression:

  • Search keywords fails

  • VB-3277 Add link to plugins page. Both menu's & quick command
  • VB-3252 Regression: Delete bookmark broken
  • VB-3208 Rename rpm&deb packages, stable->preview & unstable->snapshot
  • VB-3162 Delete bookmark item in context menu not working on BM/Panel
  • VB-3153 extension selftests failing after fix for VB-2632
  • VB-3078 Issue Report: Tab preview thumbnails stretched
  • VB-2929 Show/hide address bar
  • VB-2884 Option to place address bar on bottom
  • VB-2767 Cookies not shared between tabs in all cases
  • VB-2644 Keyboard : Flash : Manic Miner does not work
  • VB-2641 Downloads panel toggles state with each new transfer
  • VB-2439 Thumbnails fail when adding speed dials
  • VB-2370 missing category for search engines
  • VB-2178 Regression : Thumbnails missing at startup
  • VB-2174 Cannot reload 2nd thumbnail
  • VB-2090 Downloads panel should show filename (Windows)
  • VB-2033 Clicking on area above + button (New tab) minimise the Window
  • VB-1678 Missing default bookmark thumbnail
  • VB-1677 Unable to delete bookmark using keyboard
  • VB-1455 Broken web pages lack thumbnail and favicon
  • VB-1231 1 Display open tabs in the Window submenu
  • VB-3167 Black tab color looks bad on some sites
  • VB-3147 Fix our UA string
  • VB-3125 Issue Report: Using backspace in text inputs initiates "back" in certain websites.
  • VB-3096 Removed Panel resize handle in collapsed state
  • VB-3094 Tweaking accepted color contrast so that e.g. Twitter.com gets blue bg
  • VB-3035 Not possible to close window after changing search selector in searchfield
  • VB-2923 Multiselect Bookmarks does not work on Mac
  • VB-2900 Issue Report: In the search options, Wolfram Alpha has a typo.
  • VB-2825 Add developer tool to tools menu
  • VB-2744 add a resize handler to search field and adjust width to the translated text automatically
  • VB-2608 Allow to hide search field on tool/url bar
  • VB-2493 The Vivaldi menu appears on wrong monitor with a dual-monitor setup
  • VB-2298 Settings window - position
  • VB-2225 It should not be possible to open more than one settings window


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Nov 19, 2014
Not seeing anything that allows extensions, So im gonna wait more till im going to start trying it more.
It looks awesome tho, Cant wait for more updates
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Mar 15, 2011
Maybe it is just my impression but it seems as if busy bees are working on Vivaldi’s browser as new versions of it get released in an astonishing speed considering that the team is relatively small when compared to other browsers.

The most recent build of Vivaldi’s Tech Preview brings support for 64-bit Windows builds which you can download from the official company blog. The team notes that the builds are experimental and that some plugins may not work if you install and use that build.
Source: http://www.ghacks.net/2015/02/23/latest-vivaldi-build-adds-64-bit-windows-support/

Official blog:


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Nov 7, 2014
Looks quit nice. Anyone know if there is alrdy a auto update in the browser? Than i would install it and just let it there until a more stable release is out later.
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Deleted member 2913

When I click "open link in new tab" it automatically switches to the new tab... Is there an option to not automatically switch to the new tab?
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Deleted member 2913

Not seeing anything that allows extensions, So im gonna wait more till im going to start trying it more.
It looks awesome tho, Cant wait for more updates
I have installed it as standalone from advanced setup options. Running fine. Not all extensions works. uBlock Origin extension is working fine here.
I have latest TP4
Currently you can check installed extensions here -
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May 26, 2014
Ok Dug in some more and got some screenshots:

When you first open Vivaldi this is the main screen:



Keyboard Shortcuts:
The Signature Vivaldi Dropout Tab: (Includes Bookmarks, Downloads, etc.,)
Nice Cool Trick by Vivaldi:

The background actually changes to which site you are navigating to:

Vivaldi senses Google as Green:

MalwareTips as Blue (can't be more correct!):

UPDATE: Used spoilers.


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Jun 9, 2013
Latest snapshot.

  • VB-12217 Scrolling in bookmark manager: "New Bookmark, New Folder. Delete etc" remain visable
  • VB-12349 Document context menus contains wrong shortcuts and items
  • VB-10948 Not possible to specify a "clone tab" shortcut: can now be set in keyboard settings
  • VB-12318 [Mac] Show favicons for URLs in context menus
  • VB-12329 Keyboard shortcut text input overflows
  • VB-12279 Clean up ZoomIndicator component and style
  • VB-12162 [Mac] No extension icons on full screen mode
  • VB-12319 Let right click menu on navigation buttons open under the buttons
  • VB-2967 Show bookmarks url in status bar when hovering on bookmark panel/manager: Removed this
  • VB-12162 [Mac] No extension icons on full screen mode
  • VB-12265 When URL is selected, you cannot give keyboard-focus to the search-field: Don't set selection if focus lost
  • VB-12192 Moving Global Settings zoom option in Settings
  • VB-12277 No option to import settings from standalone Vivaldi if system has no default Vivaldi installation
  • VB-7705 Zooming when clicking on ⌘ after scrolling with touchpad
  • VB-9619 Language change popup not readable on dark theme
  • VB-10505 [Windows] Menu shows up on wrong monitor
  • VB-9319 Tab-audio draws outside of pinned tabs
  • VB-11007 Long click label on navigation buttons
  • VB-12145 Offer wider range of Start Page Backgrounds
  • Clipped tab title text fix
  • Prevent UI zoom on page zoom
  • Ignore trashed bookmarks in URL field suggestions
  • Download panel label overflow
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