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You may not care about that particular ISP but if someone criticises your works or moves what you have done while you were in that ISP business, would you respond? If yes, then why?
Once the contract is signed, the non-compete included, the funds transferred to the bank it's not my affair any longer. The only obligation to my ISP customers was to provide service month to month. Nothing more, nothing less. It's really the same with software, but there are variances of agreements. For example some developers may sign an agreement to stay on to help develop/progress the product along. These are usually 1-3 year contract agreements but often don't work out well in the end because the developer isn't ready to give up control.

So the recommended method is a short transition, asset re-allocation, code handoff, and a small consulting crossover and then a walk-away. I've purchased and sold about a half dozen firms. (some well known, but I can't disclose without risk of revealing my identity) Either way. I am sure Dan can handle it just fine if the time comes.. VS is progressing very nicely these days.

My biggest recommendation for VS is to work out of the free model or at least begin to leverage it.. (Nags, banners, etc)


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I think it would be a very bad move to severely restrict the free version.
All the testing done by the people on this forum, Wilders Security Forums en COU wouldn't been done without a free version.
The development of this great program would be much slower without all that help.
I appreciate all of the points made so far but think this point has not been made, at least explicitly, until now - so thank you @Gandalf_The_Grey. (y):)


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@MikeV hello, can you do a redesign of Malwarebytes? Since its acyual interface is very ugly. Greetings and thank you very much.
Thank you for the comment.
I don't see any point to redesign the Malwarebytes interface as the company doesn't really want to change it (as far as i know), and most of the users here doesn't really complain about it.
Unless if many users here complain about a UI (ex.Avira) so it will give me a motive to start designing.


Anti-exe has never been economically viable. A one-man operation running the business with extremely low overhead can make it work, but other than that the economics are impossible.

Don't believe me ? Then ask Andreas from NVT.

Default deny is a niche protection model that only those who have figured out that the false hope of default allow just does not work. Microsoft has been offering default deny in its upper level products since day one, but has never been able to make it work economically because of a host of factors that almost entirely its own fault. If you look around in home user-land, the only ones utilizing default deny are mostly security soft geeks. The fact of the matter is that the world is comprised almost entirely of default allow bobbleheads.

It takes a whole lot more than just a product to be economically viable.
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