Battle Voodooshield vs Simple Windows Hardening

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Voodooshield vs Simple Windows Hardening (SRP)
  1. Microsoft Windows
  2. Windows on Arm (Qualcomm)

Andy Ful

From Hard_Configurator Tools
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Dec 23, 2014
They cannot be directly compared.
You could probably compare:
  • SWH + AV + SmartScreen with AV + VS
  • SWH + Microsoft Defender (ConfigureDefender Max settings) with Microsoft Defender (default settings) + VS
  • etc.
Generally, SWH assumes that you already applied strong protection for EXE and MSI files, so it is focused on the fileless attack vector. VS already includes strong protection for EXE and MSI files.
There are several technical differences, but these differences do not matter at home.
VS is more resistant to targeted attacks in businesses (uses kernel driver).
SWH is based on SRP which is not actively developed by Microsoft. It is probable that SRP will be removed from Windows 12.
SWH is a very simple tool - VS is currently a complex piece of software.

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