Mahesh Sudula

Level 16
Malware Tester
Well, this is the exact piece of ransomware I tested against MCafee 2 weeks ago.
Clearly the client was offline, and that made the mess.
If Inet is connected, Mcafee would have surely blocked it by its cloud signatures.
(Jti: Suspect!)
Mcafee doesn't have any client based offline behavior based system.
However my ransom extension is "atv 9362"

Local Host

Level 19
McAfee has been a substandard AV for over a decade.

There have been a few positive test results recently... so maybe they are finally turning it around.

But 'the turnaround' has been speculated on for over a decade. And CrapAfee has remained pretty bad.

We shall see.
Over a decade ago McAffee was famous for bricking Windows Systems as well, I recommended every company to remove it to avoid conflicts/problems.

Before anyone comes yelling Windows 10, this was back with systems like Windows XP and Windows 7 (Windows 10 wasn't even a thing back then).