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I'm wondering, what software uninstaller is best? (completely removal, clean all registries,etc)
There some of them, i need to choose one, please help me.
1. Revo Uninstaller
2. GeekUninstaller
3. Your Uninstaller
4. Wise Program Uninstaller
5. WinUtilities
6. Others( If you use it, please give me opinions as much as possible).
Thanks for all.:)


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I'm wondering, what software uninstaller is best? (completely removal, clean all registries,etc)
Soft Organizer(Paid) can do that. Simply right-click on the installation file and pick "run and trace with Soft Organizer". It might take some time but it's worth it. Later when you run Soft Organizer to uninstall that program it will remove every file/folder and registry that were made during the product's installation.

If you want free,
Iobit Uninstaller -very easy to use. And has a powerful scanner for leftovers that a product might leave during uninstall. Though it's possible for it to miss stuff since it isn't as efficient as Soft Organizer's trace feature.


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Correct me if I'm wrong but the free version of Revo Uninstaller ignores 64bit. Geek Uninstaller, Wise Uninstaller, etc work fine with 32 and 64 it seems.

For paid I'd definitely say Revo Uninstaller (Total Uninstaller is good to but very aggressive so be cautious). For free, Geek or Wise uninstaller. Both do a good job. I still (even with Revo, Total Uninstaller, etc) find myself removing files, folders, and/or registries that it leaves over. None of them are a 100% guarantee (neither is any software for that matter).


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Yes, i see. Although I use the hardest mode of Your Uninstaller, I scan again with CCleaner, and a find some registry left behind over the time.


I am using Geek Uninstaller with satisfaction, but another good free alternative is Wise Uninstaller: testing now and no problems, it has a good scanning algorithm about leftovers.


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I use Revo Uninstaller Pro, been using it for years, never had any problems. Very good trace finder and removal. Does create system restore & full registry backup before removing stuff.

Paid - Revo Uninstaller
Free - Geek Uninstaller, Wise Uninstaller

It's up to you, try & decide wisely.