What Are Your Favorite Security Forums?


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Dec 18, 2011
Wilders Security Forums

but i like MalwareTips most ;). The very first Forum i have joined ever was only MalwareTips. it always been nice to come here and read post on different topics. Every time i put http://www.malwaretips.com/ in top box of my browser i find myself among friends who is helpful, humble, cooperative. Thanks MalwareTips to create one of the best security forum.
Thanks Nice thread "FreddyFreeloader" . Allowed me to expressed my feeling.


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May 3, 2011
Over the years I have been a member of many security forums but I lost interest in most of them because of all of the so-called advanced paranoid members that don't even know how to safely download files. Most of them like to run a bloatware load of products on their systems and recommend the same for new members. Most security forums don't try to teach members how to get by with a light basic security setup. That is how MalwareTips is different, you can find many members here that give excellent advice and can effectively use light security setups without ever getting infections. We also have excellent tutorials . Probably the best info on the forums for new users.

I still have active memberships on several security forums but I usually no longer post including.

Wilder's Security Forum
Avast Forum
Comodo Forum
TechSupport Forum
Microsoft Technet Forums
Emsisoft Support Forums
Symantec Security Forums
MSDN Forums
IObit Forums
Malwarebytes Forum
Spybot.info Forums

EnjoY!! :D


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Dec 9, 2013
MalwareTips, Wilders, Kaskus, etc (silent reader