carl fish

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Which kind of laptop could run Grand Theft Auto 5 without the expense of say an Alienware? I also need one with say a one or two TB internal hard drive or maybe two to store a movie collection and TV shows.

Any help would be great.
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Dave Russo

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Great deals on refurbished, check out E-bay or Tiger direct ,I have had success buying, and probably will never buy new again, sorry I don'"t know what brand to recommend?but you get way more for your money .gl


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You don't need the latest chipsets to run GTA V for PC.

What kind of budget are you looking at?

Not sure about a laptop with 2x 1TB storage, but sure go for one with 1x SSD (OS + Programs) and 1x HHD (Storage + Games). However, I've only seen these on larger screen laptops. You can always buy a 2TB Portable drive to store backups and larger files.


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Me myself i use PC but all gpu connected using cheap chinese hardware called usb riser pci-e due to mining,.. but all game work just fine. i dont think USB-C latency will be an issues.

And with eGPU you can stay portable and play anywhere with computer or laptop.

@carl fish
its bit offtopic since you looking for laptop.,. and I cant guarantee it will work for you,. but if have old pc and you looking for cheapest solution for gaming.. You might interest to check this one