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It is a very light and effective firewall, far better than windows one.But you need to have in mind with what AV you will use it with.
Also it is more user friendly than comodo firewall.
Check this video by Britec, you will understand what i mean:


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it nagged me to death so I unistalled it. KIS 2015 takes care of itself.
KIS has a good firewall!
The only problem I have with it is that it has a "default allow" policy where you are "not asked" if you want to allow/block a program from connecting to the net!I
I use "windows firewall control",and it is really easy to use, and utilizes the default Win firewall,and you can set up rules quite easily:)


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It's my favorite firewall.

It can be configured to alert you of any connections: go to Settings -> Basic, and turn on "Always display alerts for new outgoing connections"

If you go to Advanced and tick "Enable Process Detection", it will be able to defend you quite well from malware too by its default deny (only Trusted Publishers accepted, and you can enable/disable this or configure it too).

I also like it because of its auto-response feature, because then I know that when I'm away from the computer legitimate processes from Microsoft and others can connect to the internet and do their thing without problems, whereas with most other firewalls, you must always be there to answer if you want control.

It can be quite chatty or quite quiet, depending on how you configure it. Light, stable, it works. What more can I say?
It was my favorite firewall (when I still fancy HIPS based firewall) regarding about protection from RAT, keyloggers etc since it's a HIPS based firewall I believe PF should detect those things, the most important is whether the user allow or block it, if my memory served me well, PF has "Default Deny" just in case the user going to bathroom or confusing about whether to allow it or not for some period time, it's a good point for me.

However, I like windows firewall better these days, if you concerned about your outbound connection when using windows firewall, or probably just want to fully control of your firewall outbound connection, windows firewall control which @venustus mentioned above is a good program to try :)


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It's great..But I wish it included a net meter like Comodo on the desktop so that I could easily identify what applications are using the network traffic, when am playing online games and downloading softwares.


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It is awesome! I was actually testing it today against malware and nothing can get thru without you (the user) allowing it first...My only complaint is the gui.
I have tested njRat and if i remenber it have bypass easy private firewall default config [in-vm] :(
Well, did you tweak it? I'm not using it anymore so I can't give any ideas, also...some software didn't worked properly on VM right? is that possibly the reason?

My only complaint is the gui.
I know what you think :D on tray icon it also looks like a kindergarten right? :D :p
Its a pretty nice software though, I like it :)


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I've only had positive experiences using Private Firewall, and near the beginning of 2014 (as a new member) I distinctly recall exterminator20's encouraging support when I'd chosen it from among a handful of free firewalls I'd read about here on MT.:):) We needed a good firewall for our Windows XP SP 3 of which it's native firewall was sorely insufficient.:(
Private Firewall does it's job well, and this comes from a member whom likes adjusting settings (all are set to max) although I've not yet learned to truly optimize it's performance.:rolleyes:
Apart from it's reliability, I do agree with my good friend, Rahadian,:) as it does in fact look like something out of kindergarten!!:D ...but if kindergarteners find themselves walking away scratching their heads, it would still be doing it's job quite well right out of the box.:cool: ..err, or download.;)
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