Q&A What do you think of Vertical Tabs now it's available?

How would you rate Vertical Tabs in Microsoft Edge?

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Jan 8, 2011

Go to edge://flags/#edge-vertical-tabs


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Voted "Horrible", only because there was nothing lower than that offered. This is utterly hideous. It looks ugly in my opinion and wastes too much space for nothing, doesn't even include website preview. I like the content-centric design available currently and wouldn't change it.

ForgottenSeer 89360

That's not true. By the way: I prefer vertical tabs on the right side of the screen, sadly not possible.

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This is a website preview in the taskbar, but not in the side panel. With all that space it occupies on hover/press they could've added a preview. Also, this design is not in line with any other design Microsoft is currently trying to promote.


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Aug 17, 2014
Support is still in an experimental stage as certain features are not implemented at this point in time. One of these features, the ability to resize the tabs sidebar, has now been implemented in the latest Edge Canary build.

All you need to do is move the mouse cursor over the sidebar border; the icon changes and you may click and drag to resize the sidebar. You may reduce the size to make up more room for the display of websites, or increase it to make sure all page titles are displayed properly, even in lower levels of the hierarchical structure.