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To be honest, nearly all companies did one thing or another that damaged their reputation, despite improvements been made after.
Some will point the finger at TS360; others to Norton, while majority still point the finger at McAfee.

I will be bold and say none are that damaging to average consumer, however I would like to point out one thing and it is not really an AV solution but does have its place under Security solutions/services: WOT keeps getting referred and I will highlight that it is based on Community "Feedback", and it has been known that companies manipulate such feedback to their own advantages and it just gets worse by the day. In the end is the consumer who gets affected (whether its a free service or not).


mcafee blocking critical system 32 files , seeing them as threats.
iobit stealing malwarebytes signatures
AVG never listening seriously to their devoted followers

but the alltime low has to be for me the battle between enigma software and bleeping computer......way.....way.... out of line!!!!!
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If you are going to read all throughout the articles, many antivirus company create silly mistakes that quickly turn to be viral due to mistakes happened like False positive detection on Windows System Files, Legitimate programs and even websites.

That's already the worst thing happen cause many users didn't inform as they just only do their usual task everyday.


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It's not just one company it has to be all companies that has had a bit of hickups. BUT if we are talking about a company can't really think of one off the top of my head.


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All companies has had bugs and faults...
But most of them has been repaird very soon.
The fault which has been continued althogh there are lots of complaints is "AVIRA LAUNCHER"
It s just a pain in the neck....