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I know it's a bit of an oxymoron to ask for privacy on Android mobile device, but it's not like we have much of a choice...

The thing is, I found "NoRoot Data Firewall" for Android which:
- gives user per app internet access control
- gives user ability to change Google DNS to something else
- gives user ability to block certain IP's or domains

And here, I'm the most interested in the last one. IP and domain blocking. Are there any known Google IP's and domains that exist purely to harvest data that I could block with this app? I've blocked most of Google apps that I don't use, I've also blocked a lot of Xiaomi apps.

I currently use OpenDNS instead of Google stuff.

And I also block these domains:

Anything else worth blocking?

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Malware Hunter should be blocked because it also belongs to google

the problem with OpenDNS is you have a limited number of domains (~25 if I'm not mistaken) and after you reboot your router, it will generate a new IP and you must update that IP to OpenDNS dashboard or it won't work

What about using Adguard DNS? It might be a bit slow and unstable sometimes but can block some ads and trackers


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No, blocking s done through the app, I've only mentioned OpenDNS because it's a replacement for google's DNS which is on Android by default.