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Hello Forum! :D

This is my first post here and I hope I get it right.
Practically I want them to tell me their opinions on which is better between "Panda free antivirus and ad-adware free antivirus"

The so short djeo to be understood and be easy to answer

A Salu2! from Argentina!;)


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Hello and welcome to malwaretips,
I think adaware got a better detection, but i would trust more Panda.
Both don't have proactive protection, and web filter are almost the same.
Adaware do more false positive than Panda (thanks bitdefender engine).
If you can use other antivirus than panda or adaware you should do it.
you name me four examples of proactive antivirus defense pleaseo_O ( So I see that I like more )
Recommend me and one (as long as "Free") :D
Thanks for you answer! ;)


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you name me four examples of proactive antivirus defense pleaseo_O ( So I see that I like more )
Recommend me and one (as long as "Free") :D
Thanks for you answer! ;)
The better choice is Avast or Comodo.(take care comodo got some bug and if you don't know how to use it you can destroy your pc, or make software not working anymore)
If you don't like or don't want them you can try qihoo, tecend, avg, or something like that but i don't like them cause privacy policies are not so good, and they make false positive.


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neither both for me panda is not a good AV i tried like a week ago, and it didnt manage to surprise me, in fact i was really disappointed with it overall performance as for ad-aware i havent tried yet, but judging several test ive seen 200 of ram usage is too much so for me none of those...
-if you want a handy anti-all AV then go with Comodo it would protect you no matter what, the downside is that you must know how to configure to make it work
-avast, personally i dont like it but you can use it also
-360 products are other option but again they are not my favorite
-AVG is better than nothing
-AVIRA absolutely recommended for me... you can make a convo with private firewall (free) or comodo firewall and you would have excellent protection :D

Cheers and welcome


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Hello @2010barba & welcome to the community!:) As you can see, members here happily share a wealth of experience along with useful information that comes from venturing into the new & (sometimes) unknown.:cool: If there is a particular reason you are considering one or the other of Panda & Ad-aware free (..recommendations?o_O) using either of them yourself would prove to be the most effective & satisfying.:):) You've nothing to lose, in addition to good advice, by trying what you'd like.
Of the free versions mentioned, I have used only (3) Ad-Aware, Avast!, & Comodo. Although I haven not tried Panda yet, I would be very happy to do so. Experienced members have both recommended and warned me concerning Ad-Aware & Comodo.

Personally, I have not had any bad incidence with either of these 3 I've tried. Comodo requires more attention (or obsession) which is among it's virtues along with it's protection, and I like it on our XP system.;)
Ad-Aware, on my Windows 8.1 system, took long to scan, but did not suffer false positives.
I continue to use Avast! which is my personal choice among the free AVs mentioned which offers...
  1. Uncomplicated & active warnings of suspicious websites.
  2. Alerts (similar to UAC with hardened mode set at 'moderate') when apps. such as browser updates make changes to the system. This can be easily listed as approved and remembered.
  3. Quick & efficient scans & updates.
When Avast! expires (next month) I'm going to try Emsisoft's highly aclaimed Anti-Malware
(free for 30 days) before I shall decided.:p

PS :rolleyes:Look! @gricardo21 lists it on his signature too!:D
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I personally would not recommend an Antivirus that has only cloud based detection and none to average proactive defence, as if malware was to disconnect your internet then your computer is history!. It's best to go for Ad-Aware with Comodo firewall or Avira with Comodo firewall and my favourite Forticlient with Comodo firewall. Avast would be good choice if it did not have so many false positives.
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I am 31 years old and I have never been infected by a virus or a trojan, I usually have adware, PUP and junk in my PC. Antivirus, with some exceptions, never detect it, only malwarebytes/ adwcleaner has disinfected my pc several times(every month I have junk, registry entries or s**** created by PUP or adware, that only these two detect it). (or spy search and destroy too many years ago has saved me so many times, but an antivirus never hhas saved me the life) So my advice, with my experience, go for ad aware.
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