What is the difference between Intel Tiger Lake, Ice Lake, and Comet Lake?


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Oct 9, 2016
For those who are going to purchase a laptop please note

Comet Lake:
  • 5th refresh of Intel’s Skylake architecture from 2015
  • Built on Intel’s optimised 14nm+++ process which allows for peak clock speeds in the 5.0–5.3 GHz range
  • Up to 10 cores and 20 threads on highest end SKU (Core i9)
  • Same Gen9.5 UHD620/630 GPU (rebranded HD520/530 from the 6th gen) with 24 EUs
  • DDR4-2933 support
Ice Lake
  • Uses Sunny Cove cores which represent Intel’s first new microarchitecture since Skylake
  • Built on Intel’s 10nm+ process which is still nowhere near 14nm levels in terms of transistor performance (hence lower clocks).
  • Restricted to laptop processors for now (Ice Lake-U and Y series) due to terrible yields
  • Up to 4 cores/8 threads
  • Gen11 GPU with up to 64 execution units
  • LPDDR4X–3733 and DDR4–3200 support
  • Integrated Thunderbolt 3 I/O controller on-die
  • Integrated Gaussian Neural Accelerator
  • Updated Image Processing Unit (IPU)
  • Up to 18% better instruction per clock (IPC) compared to Skylake
  • Private L3 cache compared to the shared L3 in Skylake
  • HDMI 2.0b support compared to HDMI 1.4b
  • AVX-512 support, up from AVX2 in Skylake
Tiger Lake:
  • Will replace Ice Lake in laptops
  • Will use Intel’s Willow Cove cores
  • To be built on Intel’s 10nm++
  • 3MB of L3 cache compared to 2MB in Ice Lake (a 50% increase)
  • Gen12 GPU based on Intel’s Xe architecture
  • PCIe Gen4 (finally!)
  • HDMI 2.1
More Tiger Lake info here after the above was released

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Oct 9, 2016
As far as I know, Tiger Lake is important if you want 4K120, 8K60 and up to 10K support. Spec. HDMI 2.1.
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Sep 13, 2018
This source says up to 5.3 GHz turbo on a single core in the elite H series. This would be for very brief bursts for those very reasons--thermal and power.

Gimme that 19 10900K, that gets 5GHz + on all cores. Desktops rule! 😬