What is the most updated portable wireless card?


Level 22
Sep 5, 2017
Hi gents,
kindly i want to know the best wireless card with antenna to be connected to my laptop through usb port with the following specifications:
  1. Support code injection and monitoring mode foe cracking wifi network password (very important).
  2. supported in most operating systems (windows 10,8,7, Kali linux and ubento flavors,etc).
  3. high range of wireless connection.
  4. compatible with my router (TP-link W8961N(EU) V3. (preferred if TP link or any type tested)
  5. cheap if possible :)D :D )
by the way anyone know if ova format exported from virtual box is supported by VM ware workstation and which one format 1 or 2 or 0.9
thanks in advance