What is the price of electricity in your country


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Apr 24, 2016
It depends on the electricity company:
EnergieleverancierStroomprijs (kWh)
Budget Energie€ 0,446
Coolblue Energie€ 0,366
Eneco€ 0,691
Energiedirect€ 0,505
ENGIE€ 0,693
Essent€ 0,505
NLE€ 0,371
Oxxio€ 0,693
PowerPeers€ 0,329
Pure Energie€ 0,489
UnitedConsumers€ 0,641
Vandebron€ 0,504
Vattenfall (Nuon)€ 0,425


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Jun 11, 2019
In Russia the cost of electricity for kilowatt-hour depends on the region, from that city is or a village, from that gas stove in the house (apartment) or electric, from which electric meter is used in the house (apartment). For example, I live in the Ural region, in the city, in the apartment and I have a two-timer electric meter, and there is no electric stove.

Day rate (the amount of electricity used from 7 am to 23 pm) - 0.0562 €/kwh, and the night rate (the amount of electricity used from 23 pm to 7 am) - 0.0281 €/kwh.

Those who have an electrical counter shows only one rate pay 0.0505 €/kwh.
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