Troubleshoot What is the severity of Smart Mac Booster (and other PUPs)?

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Jul 16, 2019

A relative of mine installed Smart Mac Booster onto their computer the other day. I had to deal with it via screen share and this was what I managed to do:

1. Removed SMB from Applications (couldn't find any other suspicious apps)
2. Removed anything suspicious in Launch Agents folders, Launch Daemons folders, Safari Extensions folders
3. Removed any suspicious start up apps in System Preferences for all users
3. Removed anything suspicious in Application Support folders
4. Told them to restart computer (thought this would kill any suspicious processes and not be restarted since Launch Agents/Daemons were deleted)

Is this good for now? I don't have physical access to the computer so I don't want to do anything that may be potentially time intensive like installing anti-virus software. Also with this PUP malware, is there anything to worry about in terms of security? Are they known to steal information or is it just a scam to get users to buy useless software?