Q&A What is WireGuard?


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Dec 4, 2014
roger, ok, well I definitely do not get the same internet experience. And from what I read here and elsewhere few do.
It's just a matter of finding the right VPN and connecting to a server which is reasonably close to you. I've tried some VPNs which made my internet very slow and others where there has been little difference in speed. You will sometimes have to try a few different VPNs before you find one which provides decent speeds. But I'm certain that everyone can find a VPN that works very well for them, if they are prepared to try a few different ones.


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Feb 25, 2017
Yes. However, when you go into their app in android/Windows to select their DNS servers the app present you with 2 options

1) VyprVPN DNS servers
2) 3rd-party DNS servers which I assume have to be Amazon, Google etc

So even selecting option 1) and when checked at whatsmydnssserver.com many times it'll show Amazon, Google etc servers. I gather this that they are using virtual servers.

This doesn't happen with my ExpressVPN and NordVPN
Happened to me too :confused:


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Aug 21, 2020
So Windscribe supports WireGuard but uses pre-shared key for quantum security. Not true post-quantum encryption.
Mullvad supports WireGuard with post-quantum encryption, but doesn't support pre-shared keys in addition to that.

Blah! Why are these companies not taking security seriously? Why is it so hard to find post-quantum encryption + pre-shared key as a backup?