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Unless you’ve been living a Luddite existence in a cabin off the grid in the Rockies somewhere, you’ve probably heard by now that Microsoft will officially stop supporting Windows XP in just a few weeks on April 8. The question that Windows XP users need to answer is how they intend to handle the situation — particularly if they’re part of the crowd that isn’t fond of the new Windows 8 / 8.1 OS.

At face value, the choice seems binary — either switch to Windows 8 or keep using Windows XP. In fact, there are a few other alternatives that lie between those two extremes. The best way to determine the best solution for you is to address the prevailing issues and figure out which option addresses most or all of them for you.

Let’s take the issues most often cited by Windows XP loyalists and/or Windows 8 bashers one at a time.



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Upgrade to Windows 7 SP1.. and here's 3 reasons why:
  1. Extended Support expires in 2020,
  2. PC gamers approve of Windows 7,
  3. It'll keep those XP users quiet for another 6 years. o_O


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Windows 8.1 with desktop boot is the best windows operating system to date. Only reason I liked XP is because of Vista. When W7 got released I happily replaced it.
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