Question What's a good alternative to SUMo updater software?

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Aug 2, 2015
UCheck, it costs 12 usd/month, there is still a lot of work to be done on the application, is it worth buying now?
You can't use the Premium 30-day trial, why?
in who knows the admin, I got banned because I posted, why can't I use the application for 30 days, I posted several times without even once approving my post, why? Can someone help me get my ban off ?
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May 13, 2017
App Installer. Create a scheduled task or run it at will. At least one thing that MS did right, sort of.
winget upgrade --all --include-unknown --accept-package-agreements --accept-source-agreements
Note that sometimes it requires to install software from MS store to keep it updated, like Wise apps.

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