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I used to have RealPlayer and I would just click on its little floating box above the video. Then RealPlayer started this nasty thing of not letting me see some of my videos without upgrading to the pro version.

I'm not someone who's really devoted to videos so I don't have a good feel for the whole business of downloading them. I downloaded a shareware giveaway called NeoDownloader but so far I haven't been able to get it to work. I tried to figure out how to download with VLC and I came up with a painfully complicated tutorial ( What's worse, VLC's features have apparently changed since that tutorial was written. My effort to download from YouTube with VLC also failed.

So I'd like to find a simple and effective video downloader extension for Mozilla family browsers. I also have some Chromium family browsers, so you can tell me your favorite video downloader extension for them as well.

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You can use add-ons like below: Enjoy youtube ..also you can convert to other video format..Give it a try brother!
Tested on windows 7 x64 FF 31.0 Beta 2.

Or more simply om youtube page just add SS eg see image below not only with FF you can use any web browser
recommended with Chrome Google (As we know Youtube are belongs to Google)