What's up ? Hello from Europe ;-)

Jul 10, 2018
Windows 10
Hi everyone,

That's my new account but i already was i member of Malwaretips several times in the past. This time in intend to keep this account and stick with it, as this community is awesome.

I'm in my early 30's, from Europe, married and have a 14 years old son. I'm what you could call a family man as nothing matter more for me.

I'm a video game enthusiast and my hobbies include movies, music, high tech, internet and science. I'm also fascinated by UFOs, conspiracy theories and the paranormal.

And of course it goes without saying i love computers and cybersecurity. I started on the old MSDOS computer of my parents and had the opportunity to lay my hands on a variety of hardware and operating systems. All versions of Windows and many MacOS releases, as well as Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian and such.

I've started taking interest in cybersecurity when i was just a teenager and was helping out my mom, grandma and family. And with time going by, digital life becoming more important in our daily lives and cyber attacks increasing, i love staying informed, help and learn from other members on security forums and online.

So i hope i'll be able to bring my fair share of contribution while learning from you guys.

See ya in the forums :cool:
I'm from
30 to 39 years
Computer Knowledge
Recent Malware Infection
Not even sure, 150 years ago?
Favourite Browser
Google Chrome
Favourite mobile OS
Favourite desktop OS
Windows 10
Favourite Security
Best Game in the World
Duke Nukem 3D

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