WhatsApp is rolling out a new storage management tool


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Apr 24, 2016
WhatsApp users often complain about the unnecessary media that they receive from acquaintances, which takes up a significant portion of their device's storage. The app has tried to mitigate that by including settings that disable auto-download and delete selective media from chats. It is now rolling out a new storage management tool to help users effectively manage storage in the app.

The new tool offers easy cleanup services by conveniently bundling together media files that have been "forwarded many times." Additionally, users can select files that are "larger than 5 MB." These files are sorted in descending users and a preview is shown to users who can then delete one or multiple items.

The interface will be made globally available this week, and users can access it by heading to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Manage Storage.

WhatsApp is also working on an upcoming feature that deletes messages from the chat history of both parties after seven days. In case users back up their app data during the seven-day period, the messages will be deleted when the backup is restored.

Source: MacRumors
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