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WhatsApp, instant messaging service is again under attack by malware. This time the only terminals affected are those branded Samsung.
This is not the first time that the widespread application to Exchange Multimedia messages through the Internet become victims of dangerous malware can cause major or minor damage to unsuspecting users. On this occasion, but you should be very careful because WhatsApp might be malware vehicle capable of stealing personal information rather sensitive.

The malware that now began to appear on some users ' smartphones (for the moment only in Japan but the spread like wildfire ensured unfortunately) is already known under the name of Sophos and in the past had taken advantage of Flash Player vulnerability to lure victims. This time, however, there is the whole "trust" of WhatsApp to support the work of hackers behind Sophos. Suddenly, the instant messaging application starts to ask insistently permission to have administrator permissions. After having obtained the user is redirected to a Web page, apparently belonging to WhatsApp, where credit card codes are required in order to renew your annual subscription to the service. If the user buys, since then the hackers will be able to make purchases with the cards of the victims. It might seem absurd that a user agrees to enter their data but, not all have the same skills and you may be able to fall into the trap set by the malware. We take this opportunity to remind you that WhatsApp allows renewals only through Google Wallet or secure connections that shall ensure the confidentiality of your personal information.

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