Battle WhatsApp or Telegram

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May 29, 2018
Telegram is best , i tried signal over whatsapp but went back to whatsapp as signal was poorly looking software

Telegram mixes discord + signal + whatsapp together and offers most with best privacy & security

Also telegram on desktop , beats discord in cpu usage....discord constantly uses cpu


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Jan 17, 2019
Telegram for privacy wise. Whatsapp for usability. I think tons of features added in Telegram gives negative impact to its usability.
Telegram is also cloud dependant. It sometimes has to reload its app regularly in order to receive messages.


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Jan 26, 2020
I use Telegram on phone and PC. WhatsApp only on phone for now, until they release the desktop version officially. ( in beta now).
I consolidate all my digital correspondence via email mainly.
But have to maintain chat and messages with few dumb people over Telegram and WhatsApp. Since they don't care for email and don't know its much better and productive than Telegram and WhatApp.

Also for me SMS is better than Telegram and WhatsApp. Less code on phone, the better it runs.
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Mar 5, 2022
I would recommend Telegram.

Much more features then Whatsapp:
- Channels
- Edit Messages
- Delete messages anytime
- Send media in original quality

And generally safer:
- Chats are saved in telegram servers instead of user device, prevents data loss
- No phone number needed for account creation

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Feb 18, 2021
I use Whatsapp unfortunately, as all my friends and family use that; most of which haven't even heard of Telegram or Signal. Here in the UK it seems that Whatsapp is the main used app.

I tried getting them to switch but they seem set on Whatsapp, which I've always found questionable privacy wise etc. I don't really want anything owned my Facebook to have access to my personal data, but such is life!

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You means to say Telegram is best ?
I am only saying Telegram s the app that my contacts in the Middle East, south central Asia, and EU use the most. A few (meaning only < 10) use WhatsApp.

I did not have good results with clarity and call quality with Signal back in 2020 so I dropped it quickly. Telegram and WhatsApp have been reliable, with overall good call quality.

Using Signal, for example, in Eastern Europe might be a totally different high quality experience compared to the places where I live.

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