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I've created the question through StackOverflow early on, however I want to extend the possible answers so that to come up a quick solution on our development of Android program.

Repost from my Stackoverflow question
Before judging my question of being such common or possible vague, here is the details.

Our group is making a project in Android about School Safety and Emergency Application; and one of the main features is to showcase the map of school with GPS Technology.
[![actual proposal screenshot][1]][1]


Basically that customized map will integrate GPS technology however seems its too hard to research for related references.

Now my question is where I can find that kind of references? Is it possible in Android Studio alone?

The references that suppose to find easily are Library, Modules or any snippet source code of:

A) GPS Technology to insert in custom based maps like in the picture.
B) Descriptive location based on GPS ("Your location: result") alongside of calculation.
C) Tracking other Android smartphones when GPS is turned on.


We are in the stage of researching and preparing as much as possible the integration of GPS; it depends on available resources that we can find in order to boost the development stage. Hopefully anyone can answer the question precisely and accurately.

Thank You.