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AVG, besides being one of the leading Antivirus software for PC and mobile devices, because society is not new in the charts relating to the use of technological means. In fact, recently compiled a list about the period Q3 2015 raise a question: which apps consume more battery power?
The research is divided into two main groups, with rankings: applications that start from the Sun when turning on Smartphones and applications launched by the user.
So, which app consume more battery power?
According to the report from AVG, the black shirt goes to Facebook, which, in terms of consumption data and battery, was ranked first. Focusing on inherent auto start apps, ranking in second place we find Google Play Service and soon after BBM – the instant messaging application for the BlackBerry. Then we find in order, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, ChatON, Facebook Page Manager, The Weather Channel, KakaoTalk and, in last place, Whatsapp.
Although in the first standings were intuitive locations and, specifically, what apps consume more battery, in the second of the situation changes.
Among the apps user initiated, in first place, Snapchat in the order from Amazon Shopping UK, Spotify, Line, Clean Master, Samsung video, Netflix, BBC News, Amazon Shopping (Global) and Microsoft Outlook.

AVG-report-Q3-2015-2 despite belonging to different categories, for example, know the main causes of the excessive consumption of battery are Facebook and Google Play Service, helps us to understand how the app act on our device and how, therefore, affect the performance of the same.

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