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I am using internet explorer. Today I just downloaded Avant Browser. Is Avant Browser is good one to use? If there is any browser that is much better than Avant Browser. Please let me know.
Chrome x64 can get a bit heavy in memory usage sometimes but it is very fast, very secure, and very stable. If you have privacy concerns about Google but still want to use Chrome, you could use Opera. I can't recommend any other browsers based off Chrome as Opera is the only one I know of that stays up to date with the latest security fixes from Chrome.

Firefox is also a great choice, it is a bit lighter in terms of memory, still very fast though. In my experience, it is a bit less stable than Chrome but it is still a great browser. I haven't used them but many people like Cyberfox and Pale Moon, which are x64 browsers based off the Firefox source code.

Both of these browsers have plenty of great extensions and addons, I prefer Chrome for uBlock and HTTP Switchboard but Firefox has some great exclusive ones too.
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I went with Google Chrome 64bit. I would like know what kind of extension should i have on google chrome?


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I recommend firefox, Google Chrome is a good browser. But the memory usage is bad. and Waterfox The fastest 64-Bit Browser on the web (Mozilla platform)
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I need to which best free programs I just have on my computer? I have removed my panada free antivirus and my privatefirewall. Right I am running Window Defender (mse). Would you please help me.


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I would try avast with a costum install. light and effective free antivirus. panda, qihoo, avg, avira, bitedfender free are nice too. u cant go wrong with any from them. if u want a 3th party firewall i would choose comodo firewall. but for the effectivness u need to understand how comodo fw works and how to configure it. u dont need antivirus,spyware,malware programs. all normal avs these days have all this build in.


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I need to which best free programs I just have on my computer? I have removed my panada free antivirus and my privatefirewall. Right I am running Window Defender (mse). Would you please help me.
antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, and firewall
Are you planning to invest on antivirus or other similar programs?
If YES then my suggestion for you is Norton Security / Kaspersky Products / ESET Products / Emsisoft Products.
your answer is NO but you want those products for free then you may find some good Giveaways running in this forum. If u want Emsisoft Antimalware for 6 months, already a promo is being run here, and a sparkling Emsisoft Internet Security Giveaway is Live.
And If you would like to try kaspersky, Kaspersky IS Giveaway is Stored here.
And If you want Bitdefender Which is being hated by number of users, you may find the Giveaway Here.

Install a realtime AV/IS Product and add an on-demand Scanner like, EMSISOFT Emergency Kit, Malwarebytes Antimalware, ESET Online Scanner.

For Much More security, add Shadow Defender.:D

Enjoy ☻

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Hello Mere
Antivirus: Avira, as Qihoo and Panda don´t like you

Firewall: Online Armor Free

Scanner demand virus: Malwarebytes free

Browser: Chrome

e-Mail; Thunderbird

Compresor/decompressor: Bandizip

Photos: Faststone

Oficce: Libreoffice

Cleanners/optimizers: Galry´s Utilities, Wise care 365

Recovery lost data: Recuva

Unninstaller: Iobit Unninstaller, Revo unninstaller

Torrent: utorrent

highly recommended to see this amazing work:

Kind regards

Tony Cole

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Hi Sr. Normal

One good option (free) is avast! free with Windows firewall; enable hardened mode and your system is locked down! But, if you want to get a good paid security suite I would choose Kaspersky 2015, I am currently using Kaspersky and it offers excellent protection and has all the protection you are looking for.

Tony :)


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For free antivirus i would suggest AVG free because is really an install and forget antivirus:D.As a second choice of free antivirus i suggest AVIRA free which is also an install and forget antivirus:).Both have good detection(avira i think a little better) and they are light on the system(at least on my laptop).:)
For firewall i suggest to stick with the windows firewall because is really good(you can ask other members about it). Third party firewall are good but you will have a lot of pop ups from them and if you aren't an experienced user you will be a little confused and annoyed by them:confused::mad:.
I hope i have helped you;).

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Hi Tony Cole
Avast is a good choice , but I prefer the above that even with fewer features , have better detection rate . As Karpesky surely be the king of the antivirus now. It has everything is to bet on the winning horse .

Hello Tonibalas
I do not think you have much to learn as a firewall Online Armor free , and gives you some warnings that Qihoo , Panda, Bitdefender free and AVG free not see.
You get used to install a program to dial a few times and forget the permits . This particular firewall has no pop ups , so it is more enjoyable for the invisible
To be bidirectional (unlike Windows ) you know you're more protected , but the truth is I'm a paranoid security and admit being unreasonable in these cases.

Regards and thanks for the recommendation . It's what I love about this community , which totals around the world and learn every day.
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