Which Engine did Trustport use for scanning?

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May 17, 2012
I heard Trustport use tow engine which are bitdefender and avg. Did 2013 version use the same engine?
I have not found any option in "Engine" in Trustport 2013.




you are right stranger , trustport indeed uses the AVG and BITDEFENDER and NORMAN engines.

TrustPort Antivirus is certainly effective antivirus software, honing the strength of two separate scanning engines. Both the Bitdefender and AVG scanners consistently perform well, but if one misses something it’s nice to have a second opinion. You can even designate which scanning engine is the first line of defense, and specify whether to use one or both for each type of scan (on-access and on-demand). And while it is normally not ok to run two real-time antivirus scanners at the same time, it’s perfectly fine to use both from TrustPort because they’re configured to not interfere with each other.

read here :


the 2012 version included the GFI / VIPRE engine


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Apr 25, 2013
In a 3 version TrustPort antivirus engine combinations: (Xenon + Argon, Neon and Argon and Xenon + Argon + Vanadium + Wolfram). The engines are key that activates a combination of scan engines. Latest version for Europe (Xenon + Argon and Xenon + Argon + Vanadium + Wolfram), Asia (Vipre + Avg) and (Xenon + Argon + Vanadium + Wolfram). TrustPort version with nuclei (Neon + Argon) was available for European shares on Facebook.com, you can purchase it by contacting one of the Asian partners TrustPort. Here, almost all the countries where you can buy TrustPort
The TrustPort Antivirus for Servers with the 2012 version uses kernel Neon + Argon.
The TrustPort USB Antivirus kernel Argon.
4 the nuclear version of TrustPort is corporate and is only available when you purchase 500 licenses.
Symbol engine: Xenon-BitDefender,Neon-Vipre, Argon-AVG,Vanadium-Vba, Wolfram-Dr.Web
starchild76 said:
you are right stranger , trustport indeed uses the AVG and BITDEFENDER and NORMAN engines.
No Norman
May 26, 2015
This Second time I'm facing the problem. First BIS and After That TrustPort Total Protection.
I'm Using TrustPort Total Protection It was block ( Even i'm not open Google Also) hole internet connection.
After I Uninstall the TrustPort Total Protection Internet connection very good to use.
How can i solve this problem.
Can anybody help me please.:(