Which is lighter and better Avira Free or Bitdefender Free?

  • Avira Free

    Votes: 9 20.0%
  • Bitdefender Free

    Votes: 22 48.9%
  • Sophos Home Free

    Votes: 14 31.1%
  • Total voters

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Sophos Home Free, just for the fact they respect users privacy and simple UI without ads, but many don't like it because client management is done through the online dashboard, although I recommend SHP over it. If you want to replace Hog Defender, Sophos Home is the option.


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Sophos. Combine with almost anything, as @Moonhorse suggests, and you could also consider Hard_Configurator, VoodooShield, OSArmor, etc . Sophos holds a place in my heart even though I don't use it anymore. No adds or constant nagging, lightweight, pretty good URL filter and no bugs. I never had issues with it on my machine. Also, I don't believe it leaves any remnants if you remove it. How many free AVs can make all these claims? (y)
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I voted sophos earlier, seems its almost always infected on malware hub, even with syshardener. Maybe it should be 100% secure option with either comodo firewall or voodooshield

I have always thought that bitdefender doesnt fit with any other software, so i would either run it as total security or go with some other antivirus

Avira performs well on tests, but havent seen it tested on malware hub or somewhere else. Avira has web extension as web filter on free version (?) so it might be light, but im not sure how many ads it has nowadays