Most Trusted AV Company?

  • Avast

  • Avira

  • Bitdefender

  • Kaspersky

  • Malwarebytes

  • Emsisoft

  • Sophos

  • Other [Please Specify Below]

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Most trusted in terms of user base (when someone installs or keeps an AV, they obviously trust that AV), so . . .
  1. Windows Defender
  2. Avast/AVG
  3. Bitdefender
When you take browsers into account it becomes a different ball game
  1. Bitdefender (chinese browser + AV-user base)
  2. Kaspersky (russian browser + AV user base)
  3. Eset (indian browser + AV user base)
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None , they are businesses, and they want your money !

And i trust even less those offering free versions, they need money so they will get it via other means from you.

Now it is not because you don't fully trust them that you shouldn't use them. Just don't be fooled.

About the poll, i i am more encline to trust Emsisoft, Appguard and ReHIPS ; because i am used to "cooperate" with their developers directly so i can assess their neutral/friendly behavior toward competitors needed to ensure cross-product compatibility, commitment to their own product, and respectful attitude to their customer when issues occurs.
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am all for trend micro as my main anti-virus & zemana anti-logger to back it up.